Lacrosse Shooting Techniques

It is very important that you learn the proper lacrosse shooting techniques.

Many players get taught the wrong way to shoot, and it ends up hurting their game in the future.

Generally speaking, there are three ways to shoot the ball: Overhand, Underhand, and Sidearm.

Underhand and Sidearm shots are both very bad habits to get in to. These shots often have no accuracy, as well as no point.

As a goalie, it is much harder to save an overhand shot, because it has the threat of bouncing. Sidearm and underhand shots can not be bounce very easily.

Take it from me, leave the other shots to the pros, and work on your overhand shot.

Overhand Shot

This is the lacrosse shooting technique that I recommend to every player. It is the most accurate, and easiest way to score a goal.

There are several steps to make a good lacrosse shot.

Step 1: During your wind-up, you want the lacrosse head to be hidden from the goalie, by your back. This can greatly confuse the goalie.

Goalies try to get their eye on the ball as early as they can. Hiding the head of your stick from them can give you the extra milli-second that you need to score.

Doing this requires a big wind-up, which puts extra power on your shot.

Hiding the head of your stick from the goalie not only confuses him, but it also increases your shot speed.

Step 2: The next step to proper lacrosse shooting techniques is to extend your arms and lift your front elbow.

Extending your arms, and getting the ball as far away from your body as possible increases your shot speed.

It is simple physics.

The further the ball is away from your body, the harder you can throw it.

Lifting your front elbow helps the accuracy of the ball. It also provides extra velocity on the ball.

As the ball is about to be released from the stick, you should bring your elbow down very fast.

It's All in the Wrists: This is the hardest part about the lacrosse shooting techniques. Mastering the wrist snap can take your entire life.

The harder the wrist snap, the faster the shot. Be careful not to get too careless with your wrist snap. This may result in bad accuracy.

Remember, if the ball doesn't find the net, then there is no point to having a fast shot.

Overhand Shot Drills

There are a couple of drills that you can do to practice you overhand shot, and perfect your lacrosse shooting techniques.

The first drill that you can do is to shoot on net. That's right, the best way to become a better shooter is to shoot on the cage every day.

Take 20 minutes after practice, and just fire away. Make sure you have good form.

The second way to practice overhand shooting is a drill that many godd coaches are trying.

Set up two nets, one right about two feet in front of the other.

The object is to make the ball go into the second net.

This can be very challenging. The first 50 times that I tried it, guess how many went into the second net...


Have patience with this drill. Doing this drill will make you a better shooter.

The object here is to train yourself to release the ball high. It helps provide good form, and more speed.


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