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Middie Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse Middie Drills

Middie lacrosse drills can be very unique, and sometimes difficult, because you have to practice both offense and defense.

Middies are constantly running up and down the field, and they might not get a chance to sub. The best way to prepare for this situation is to train your endurance by running both long distance and quick sprints.

Here are some offensive and defensive drills that middies can do to improve their game. Shape these drills any way that you want in order to incorporate them into practice.

Middie LAX Drills

Drill #1 The first middie lacrosse drill that should be practiced is cutting to the net. Not only does cutting to the net open up scoring chances, but it also gets the offense in to a good rotation.

To practice this, get two lines of middies at the top of the box, and one line of attackmen behind the net. The attackman should pick up the ball, make a dodge, and go to the right or left side.

Once the attackman picks the side, a middie should cut from the top, and catch the ball with 5-10 yards until the crease.

Middies should be working on their quick sticks and shooting into the opposite corner. They should also be alternating hands during this drill.

This drill helps attackmen as well as helping midfielders. Because while the attack is practicing their passing and dodging, the middies are practicing their finishing and quick sticks.

Drill #2 The second middie lacrosse drill that I recommend is to play wall ball. Wall ball should be played by all positions, but it is especially important for middies to practice this.

Playing wall ball drastically improves your quick shot skills, as well as normal practice and catching.

I always try to make a competition out of this. For example, for every pass that I don't catch, I have to do 5 push ups. This makes the mundane drill of throwing a ball against a brick wall a little more interesting, because it adds competition and physical activity.

Lacrosse Shooting Drill

Drill #3 The third middie lacrosse drill is to practice your faceoff line up. Faceoffs are a huge part of the game, and should NOT be overlooked.

Pit your first line and second line against each other in a faceoff exercise that is great practice for both the faceoff men, and the wing men trying to get the ground balls.

Line up like it is a real life situation, and blow the whistle. For some extra incentive, make the losing faceoff team do 10 push ups. At the end of the round, the winning team stays in, and the losing team is replaced with another set of middies.

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