Mark Millon Lacrosse

The UMass All American

Mark Millon Lacrosse: Millon was born in New York, in 1971.

He played college lacrosse at the University of Massachusetts. While attending UMASS, Millon was a 3-time All American.

Once out of college, he played nine seasons for the National Lacrosse League, starting in 1994.

So... What made Mark Millon so good at playing "Mark Millon LAX"?

He was incredibly agile, and had great speed. He used these abilities to isolate the defenseman guarding him, and eventually score.

Millon has an instructional video out, that actually really helps you improve your game. Overall, I would say to go and buy the video. It isn't that expensive, and it really helps you to improve your shooting and dodging.

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