Lacrosse Trick Shots

How do you know if you should try lacrosse trick shots?

You should try lacrosse trick shots if you are:

  • Really bored of just standing and shooting on the net...
  • If practice is getting dull...
  • If you are afraid that the "spark" of lacrosse may be leaving you...

Lacrosse trick shots can make even the dullest practice fun, because it challenges you to do something that you aren't ac costumed to.

Take it from me, there is nothing more exhilarating then scoring a behind the back goal in a real game.

A quick word of warning: If you do score a goal, in a game, from using a trick shot, then CONGRATS! But if you miss a scoring opportunity because you were showing off by using a trick shot...

Well... Lets just say that you will be seeing a lot of the bench for the rest of the game.

There are many different types of lacrosse trick shots, and even more are being invented everyday. After you master some of these shots, try to create your own.

If you succeed, then contact me (Click on Contact Me), and send details of the shot. I may post your name, and the shot details if you're really good.

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Face Off

Common Lacrosse Trick Shots

Behind the Back:

This shot is probably the most common, and easiest to do, in a game situation. You would try this if you have no angle to shoot the ball accurately.

For example. Lets say that you are cutting towards the net with the stick in your right hand. You catch the ball on the right side of the net, so if you shot regular, you have no angle. That's when you use the behind the back shot.

To perform this shot, put the stick in your dominant hand (I will use the right hand in this example). Turn so that your left shoulder is pointing toward the net. Your hands should be about 12 inches apart

For starters, bring the stick towards your right shoulder, and allow it to hit your arm. This will jerk the ball out of the pocket.

Once you do this once, adjust your body positioning to allow you to throw it better. When you are good at doing this, you should stop the stick before it hits your arm.

This is a very deceiving shot, and can look really fancy. Just don't do it when you aren't supposed to.

Lacrosse Tricks

Around the World:

The around the world lacrosse trick shot is a lot like the behind the back shot. This is a much more difficult shot to control. You will be standing with your right foot and shoulder facing the goal (assuming that you are right handed).

With the stick in your right hand, begin the throwing motion. Instead of releasing the ball, you will want to bring it across the front of your body.

You want the upper part of the shaft to hit your left shoulder. This will propel the ball out of the pocket, and hopefully into the net.

As I said, this is a much more difficult shot the the behind the back. Don't get discouraged if you can't get it every try. Just keep at it, and eventually you will be awesome at the around the world lacrosse trick shot.

The Back Breaker:

The hardest shot to perform. You will never see the back breaker performed in a game. It takes a VERY long time to set up, and actually shoot the ball.

Set up with the ball in your stick, and your legs a little more than shoulder width apart. You hands should be very close to each other, and at the butt of the stick.

Bring the ball and stick over your head. Lean back as far as you can go, without falling. You want the head of your stick to go between your legs.

When done correctly, the lacrosse ball should fly out from between your legs.

This shot is impractical during a game because it takes too long to set up, and has NO shot power. However, it is still very fun to try.

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The Kamikaze:

This trick shot was submitted by one of our readers. Patrick wrote,

"This is my trick shot:

1. Starting from X, dodge your defender and sprint to the right side of the goal (if you are righty, opposite for lefty).

2. When you get to the post, squat and lean as if you were going to shoot a low shot.

3. Pump-fake, then jump into the air, twisting until you face the goal.

4. Shoot into the top opposite corner, and prepare to get hit. The sliding defender and/or the goalie will probably hit you.

This shot is actually useful in a game. By pump faking the goalie, you get him to go down with his stick and body, opening a larger portion of the goal for your shot. I have scored 2/3 times with this."

Thanks for submitting Patrick! If anyone has a trick or trick shot, then submit it at...

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