Lacrosse Goalie Greg Cattrano

Great Goalie

Do you aspire to be the greatest goaltender that ever lived? (Just like lacrosse goalie Greg Cattrano.)

Would you like to end your goalie career with an outstanding 68% save percentage? (Greg did it.)

Then you should model your game after one of the best lacrosse players to have ever lived...

Greg "The Cat" Cattrano.

Professional Career

Lacrosse Goalie Greg Cattrano Greg's National Lacrosse League career was three seasons long, and only played in seven games.

His Major League Lacrosse career was much more impressive. He made it to the championship game for five years in a row.

Greg Cattrano helped his team win the Steinfeld Cup (The Championship Trophy, named after the MLL's founder).

In 2003, the Barrage had a 1-11 record. But with the help of Cattrano, they turned it around and won the Championship the next year.

He went to multiple All-Star Games, and won the Lacrosse Goaltender of the Year Award three times.

In 2002, he was named the Major League Lacrosse MVP.

Perhaps a feat even greater than winning all of his awards, Cattrano was extremely resistant to injury.

In 2004, Greg Cattrano was the only goalie to play every single minute of every game.

Q. Do you know who the first goalie to have ever scored in a Major League Lacrosse game is?

A. Greg Cattrano.

Q. Who is the all-time league goalie leader in wins?

A. Lacrosse goalie Greg Cattrano.

Q. Who has an amazing 58% save percentage, and has a great 40-19 record?

A. Greg Cattrano.

Greg Cattrano was one of the best players to have ever played the game.

Although his career is likely over now, we will ALWAYS remember him as a great goalie whom will go down in history.

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