Lacrosse Defense Tips

You have heard it a million times before...Defense wins championships.

Lacrosse Defense Tips will help start you off (and keep you going) to become that all-American defender that you have always wanted to be.

Defense Equipment

Defense Equipment includes:

a. Helmet

b. Long-Stick

c. Gloves

d. Shoulder Pads

e. Elbow Pads

TIP #1) Be a GREAT long-passer. You should be able to throw and catch the ball from one sideline to the other. This attribute is very important for clearing the ball.

TIP #2) Don't slap check...Poke check. When I was playing against a long-stick defender, nothing made me happier then when they slap checked my arm. Not only is this ineffective, but it sometimes draws penalties.

Take your time, and time-up your poke check. You should hit the offensive player's stick when: you see an opening, as he is passing, and as he is shooting.

Slap checking may give the opposition bruises, but it will lose the game for you, if you aren't careful.

TIP #3) Learn how to "Slide". Sliding is a very important team concept. Even the best defender in the world gets beat. So when that happens, you should know how to slide.

Every teams defense slides a little differently. Most do adjacent slides (once a defender gets beat, the defender closest to him slides and picks him up).

Speaking from personal experience, it is so hard to score a goal if the other team's defense can slide properly.

TIP #4) Put that driving offensive player on his butt. Don't be afraid to hit. It is a contact sport. If you are the one sliding to a specific player, then knock him down. Whatever you do, don't slap check him, and let him go by you.

This is a valuable lacrosse defense tip, because I have seen so many people yelled at for sliding to the ball like a complete wimp.

TIP #5) Talk to each other. A good defense is one that talks constantly on the field. Be loud. Let everyone know what you are doing, and what the other team is doing.

Let the defender next to you know that you "Got his back."

Your goalie should constantly be yelling where the ball is. So listen to him. Call cutters, call ground balls, call out everything that you see.

The most intimidating defense is one that is loud and talkative.

TIP #6) Lacrosse defense tip number six. Don't be afraid of the shot. I have seen so many defenders act like cowards, and turn their backs to the shot. This is a terrible habit to get in to.

I loved defender who did this. My only move was to fake shoot it, and wait until the defender was turned around. Then I just walk in and score.

Don't want the ball to hit you? Oh well! Whether you turn your back or not, if the ball is going to hit you, then it is going to hit you. It is better to be prepared for the fake shot, rather then shield yourself and look like a loser.

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