Lacrosse Coaching Aids

Need Some Help?

Are you having trouble at practice?

Then you may need some lacrosse coaching aids.

These aids can help you visualize and organize proper lacrosse drills. They can also help inexperienced lacrosse coaches learn how to coach lacrosse.


What are lax coaching aids?

  • Coaching Instructional Books
  • Stats books
  • Software/Books that allow you to make plays
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Coaching Instructional Books

These books are great things to read for both beginning coaches and experienced coaches.

Beginning coaches can use them to learn different plays, learn the rules, and learn all of the basic techniques of coaching lacrosse.

Generally speaking, if you a planning on coaching a lacrosse team, then you should have SOME experience in the game. Whether it is by watching from the stands as a parent, or playing it for your whole life, experience is almost required.

However, if you have no experience in coaching, then have NO FEAR! That is what the lacrosse coaching aids are for! Just study up on them, and watch every lacrosse game that you can.

Whether you are a beginning coach or an experienced coach, you can benefit from a coaching instructional book.

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Keeping Stats is a good idea...

girls lacrosse

Whether you are a novice or experienced lacrosse coack,you need to have a stats book.


Stats books allow you to track teams and individual's lacrosse statistics. These are important because you need to be able to compare performances from game to game, and quarter to quarter.

The stats books also show you what you need to work on.

For example: If the book is showing that your team is losing the "ground ball battle", then you know that you need to devote more time at practice for ground ball drills.

Tracking individual stats is also important, and here's why: If you are undecided on which of your two face-off middies is better, then just look in your stat book. You will see how many each person won and lost. This is just one example of why a stat book is important for individual stats. There are many more...

A stat book is a very important coaching aid because it allows you to track different things very easily.

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Software and Books that allow you to make plays

High School Lacrosse

Coaches of High School Lacrosse and College Lacrosse, use software.


This is more for coaches who are coaching high school and college lacrosse.

You need to be prepared for any situation in games that you might need a play.

They sell books that show all of the different plays that other colleges do. These are usually a very valuable asset, and a great lacrosse coaching aid for any coach.

However, if you would like to be a little more creative, then I suggest getting some type of play-making software for your computer. The software is user friendly, and typically affordable.

Software that allows you to make your own lacrosse plays is vital to the creative/imaginative coach.

I suggest that you either: get a book with pre-written plays or software that allows you to create your own. Both of these are great lacrosse coaching aids.

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