Lacrosse Basics

Learning Lacrosse Basics

Ball Handling Skills are Essential Lacrosse Basics

Cradling The Ball:

The first basic of ball handling cradling the ball. Cradling is used by an offensive player in order to stop the ball from coming out of the pocket when he is hit with the defender's stick. Cradling is very easy to learn and 100% required to be a lacrosse player.

In order to cradle, put your dominant hand near the head (but still on the shaft) of the stick. Put your other hand near the butt of the shaft. Your non-dominant hand is only going to act as a guide.

Hold the stick on your dominant hand finger tips, while you use your other hand as a guide, move the stick upward in a fluid motion. Do this over and over again, without the ball falling out, and you are cradling.

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Tip: Practice Cradling on the move. In a game situation, you will be running while you cradle, not just standing still.

Passing & Shooting The Ball:

My second advice of how to play lacrosse is that passing and shooting the lacrosse ball use the same techniques and motions, so I have grouped them together.

To pass/shoot the ball, put your less dominant hand at the butt of the stick (the bottom), and your dominant hand in the middle of the shaft.

Each person has their own throwing technique, so if yours doesn't match this directly, then don't worry about it. Anyways...

With the ball in your stick and your hands in the proper position, push your dominant hand out and away from your body, while at the same time bringing your less dominant hand toward your body.

After your first throw, gauge what you did wrong, and correct it. If your throw was low, then aim higher. If it was high, then aim lower. A lot of learning in lacrosse is trial by error.

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Catching The Ball:

This is (I think) a little easier than throwing the ball. Position your dominant hand near the head of the stick, and your less dominant hand near the butt. As the ball is thrown to you, position the head of the stick so that it will catch the ball. Make sure that you keep your eyes on the ball. When the ball hits the head of your stick, and you feel it enter, draw back your stick a few inches to provide some "give". Many beginners make the mistake of bringing their stick forward to meet the ball in the air. Let the ball come to you, and you will catch it.

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