Lacrosse Attack Tips

Attack...They score the goals and get the glory. Our lacrosse attack tips will help you to score more goals and become a better attackman.

Defense Equipment

Attack Equipment includes:

a. Helmet

b. Stick

c. Gloves

d. Shoulder Pads

e. Elbow Pads (a must)

OK...Now here are some very valuable lacrosse attack tips.

TIP #1) Have eyes in the back of your head. What I mean by this is that you need to be able to see everything that is going on.

If a middie is wide open and cutting to the net, you need to recognize this, and somehow, pass the ball to him. Always be aware that a middie could cut at any point in time.

Always keep your head up when you are running with the ball. It is pretty obvious, but if your head is looking down at the defender's feet, then you can't see anything that is happening on the field.

TIP #2) The second lacrosse attack tip is to recognize when it is too late to throw the ball to a cutting midfielder. A lot of the times, a middie cuts to the net and the attackman notices it too late, but tries to force the ball to him anyways. This almost always results in a turnover, and never results in a goal.

Once the middie is 5 yards or closer to the crease, don't even think about passing the ball to him. He will either be swarmed by mad defenders, or he will step in the crease trying to get the shot off.

The ideal pass to a cutting middie is between 10 yards and 5 yards. This distance gives you enough time to accurately place the ball in the net, without having to deal with the crease.

The Art of Scoring

TIP #3) Attackmen must be able to dodge. An attackman who is taking it one-on-one behind the net is extremely dangerous.

He basically has two options. The first is to beat his man, quickly take it around the net and score a goal. The second option is to beat your man, wait for the sliding defender to come, then pass it to the wide open offensive player.

Either way, you must know how to dodge, and get that all-important first step on the player guarding you.

TIP #4) Attackmen should always be moving and rotating. This is true for the middies as well. Nothing throws off a defense as much as a constantly moving offense.

A rotating offense will eventually make the defense lazy, which causes them to sag in. This opens up the outside shot, and gives a ton of room to the shooter. A rotating offense also makes dodging your defender easier, because the slide will probably be a little late.

My main point here? Make sure your attackmen rotate, and your team will score goals.

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