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Goalie Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse Goalie Drills

In this area, goalie lacrosse drills explains some of the drills that a goalie might need in order to improve his game. Generally, these drills are self explanatory, both they are still very important.

Goalie Lacrosse Drills

Drill #1 TThe first goalie lacrosse drill is probably the most obvious one...Getting shot during warm ups. People who think that this is pointless, or that they don't have to try very hard are dead wrong.

You should be treating this exercise like a game situation, trying to stop each and every shot.

The coach/player warming up the goalie should stand about 10-15 yards out, and start off by shooting high at the goalie. After a few minutes of shooting high, he should start shooting lower, then lower, then lower. This should be done until you are shooting bounce shots on the goalie.

Remember goalie, to step into the shot.

Drill #2 The second goalie lacrosse drill is a reflex drill. It requires two players (the goalie and an offensman). The goalie stands about 5 yards away, but facing a brick wall. The second player stand another 5 yards behind the goalie with a lacrosse ball.

When the goalie is ready, the offensive player throws the ball (softly at first) into the brick wall. The goalie will see the ball at the last minute, and try to make the save.

Experiment with throwing the ball at different angles, and bouncing the ball before it gets to the wall. Please do not throw it too hard (as funny as it might be) or someone could get hurt.

Drill #3 The third goalie lacrosse drill is for the goalie's passing. Passing is a important for clearing the ball, or even creating a fast break.

Have two lines on both sides of the net (both offense and defense should be in these lines). The coach stands in the middle, and shoots on the goalie.

After each save, the goalie yells, "CLEAR!" and a player from one side runs up, and cuts out. The goalie passes that player the ball, and then the drill starts all over again.

To add a little more pressure on the goalie, make him do 5 pushups for every bad pass he throws. That'll make him happy.

Drill #4 The shooting drill is the fourth goalie lacrosse drill. This should happen at the end of practice, and only occur if the team had a good practice.

Everyone on the team (except the goalies of course) stands in a stright line at the top of the box. They each take turns shooting on your first string goalie. They should be shooting from about 15 yards out.

After everyone has went, count the number of shots the first string goalie let in. Now it is the second string goalie's turn. After all of your goalies have gone, the goalie who let in the least amount of shots doesn't have to do pushups, while the other goalies each do 20 pushups.

This is a fun drill for the whole team, and rewards good shooting and good goaltending.

Lacrosse Goalie Drills

Your Suggestions

Drill #5 Meghan, a reader of, submited this goalie drill:

"First, you would have everyone stand on the hash marks and shoot on you. The first time everyone goes, you should be standing up.

The next time everyone stands on the hash marks, you should be on your knees while everyone is shooting on you and move on your knees so you're positioned to be right in front of them.

The third time that you do this, you should be laying down on your side and have everyone shoot on you again (I know it sounds stupid but it REALLY helps in games if you fall or whatever).

The fourth time you do this drill, you should be laying on your stomach and have everyone shoot on you. Then the next you should be laying on your back and have everyone shoot on you.

The last time, you should be sitting down with your legs out and slide down as your positioning yourself for someone on a different hash mark.

The first time having a goalie do this, you should just start off with team mates on the hash mark and after they start getting good at this, you can just have the team shoot in a straight line.

I know the ones where you're laying down sounds really stupid, but after I got the idea of this, it actually helped me in games when I lost my balance and fell from saving a shot and couldn't get up because the person was about to shoot again."

Thank you Meghan for submiting to lacrosse goalie drills!

MORE to come

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