Gait Lacrosse

What is Gait Lacrosse?

Gait Lacrosse is the phrase used when the Gait brothers played, and dominated, the game of lacrosse.

Paul and Gary Gait are twin brothers who revolutionized the game.

Gary Gait

Gary Gait was born in 1967 in Canada.

He attended Syracuse University with his twin brother Paul Gait. He played lacrosse there for four years.

During his four years of play, he set many records. Gary was a three-time first team All-American, and was an honorable mention once.

With 192 goals, he graduated as Syracuse's all-time leading goal scorer.

Gary Gait was also the NCAA Player of the Year in 1988 and 1990.

During his college playing days, he perfected a shot known as "Air Gait". Gary would stand behind the net, and suddenly start running right towards it. Just before the crease, Gary jumped, and slam-dunked the lacrosse ball into the back of the net. Then he would land on the opposite side of the crease. This was a huge Gait lacrosse manuever.

In 1991, Gary started playing in the NLL (National Lacrosse League), and became the rookie-of-the-year.

In 2005, Gary retired from the NLL, and they retired his jersey. This is still the only jersey to be retired in the National Lacrosse League.

Gary was also a coach for the National Lacrosse League and Major League Lacrosse.

Gary is in both the United States Lacrosse National Hall of Fame, and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame.

Gary Gait was arguably the most successful lacrosse player to have ever played, and certainly one of the most recognized.

Gary Gait Lacrosse

Paul Gait

Paul Gait was born in 1967 in Canada, and has a twin brother named Gary Gait.

The two played lacrosse for four years at Syracuse University, where Paul, like his brother, also set many records.

Paul went on to graduate, and play in the National Lacrosse League. Paul was very successful in the NLL as well.

In 1996, Paul and Gary started their own brand of lacrosse equipment called GBLax (Gait Brothers Lacrosse).

Paul is in both the United States Lacrosse National Hall of Fame, and the National Lacrosse League Hall of Fame.

The Gait Brothers

The two Gait Brothers are known as the best lacrosse players of all time. They set many records, and have lifetime acheivements that many people would have thought impossible. Both Paul and Gary's style of play will forever be known as "Gait-Lacrosse".
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