Attack Lacrosse Drills

Lacrosse Attack Drills

Whether you are a player or a coach, we have all of your attack lacrosse drills right here.

Drills may be boring, but they are very important to improving your skills. Some of these drills can be done just by yourself, but most require another person (but it is always best with a full team).

Here are some drills for attackmen that you may be interested in doing. Remember that you can shape and mold these drills any way that you want, in order to better fit your practice schedule.

Also remember that while drills may make you a good player, it takes hard work and discipline to become a GREAT player.

Attack LAX Drills

Drill #1 The first attack lacrosse drill that I recommend is to practice your one-on-one. Practice this drill while driving from X (behind the net) with a defender guarding you.

You should take this practice opportunity to practice your one hand cradle, different dodges, and power cradle.

Get accustomed to getting the crap beat out of you in this attack lacrosse drill, because this is exactly the way that it will be in the games. If a defender is taking it easy on you, then tell him to play you harder. This will only make you better.

Find out what dodges work in practice, so that when you get to the game, one-on-one will be easy as pie.

Drill #2 The second attack lacrosse drill that I recommend is the no-look pass. This is a very difficult thing to start doing, because it is very easy to screw it up.

Just keep at it. Middies who are cutting to the crease will absolutely love getting passes from you, because they will be wide open.

Once perfected, the no-look pass will get you about one million assists.

Drill #3 Practice feeding the ball, from X, to cutting middies. You should go through this drill using both hands.

Get ten balls behind the net, and have two lines of middies at the top of the box. Pick up the ball, make a dodge, and go to the right. Pass the ball when the middie is about 5 yards from the crease.

The attack man then goes back behind the net, picks up a ball, makes a dodge, then goes to the left side. He passes (with his left hand) to the other midfielder line.

Repeat this until all ten balls are gone. Then gather up all of the balls, and get the next attackman to do the same thing (Note: Middies will alternate lines, shooting with both left and right hands).

This is a great drill for the middies, attackmen and goalies. It simulates a game situation pretty well, and gets everyone involved in practice.

Drill #4 You have heard it a thousand times before: "Ground balls win games." You may think that ground balls are important only for middies, but believe me, they are just as important for attackmen.

This drill is for one person. It is easy and very straight forward...

Place ten balls on each side of the net. They should be about 2 feet from the crease, and on goal line extended. Space them apart so that they are easy to pick up.

Start behind the net, at X. When the whistle is blown, sprint to the right side, pick up the ground ball, and shoot it in the bottom corner.

Run back around the net (make sure you are not in the crease) and pick up a left-side ground ball, with your left hand. Continue the exercise until all twenty balls are in the net.

By the end of the drill, you should be VERY tired. This attack drill helps improve your: Acceleration, ground balls, and your shot location.

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