3-3 Lacrosse Plays

Man Up Lacrosse Formations

The 3-3 lacrosse plays are used a lot for man-up situations. Good ball movement is the key to this offense. It is important to note that the ball should NEVER be thrown behind the net, as this just wastes time.

The three middies are on the top: one in upper left, one in the middle, and one in the upper right. The three attackmen are on the bottom: one in the bottom left, one on the crease, and one on the bottom right.

Unless you are running a play, there is no rotation when you use this offense. (NOTE: If you are using this formation when you are man-up, NOBODY should be isoing!)

The purpose of the 3-3 set up, is to get a good outside shot. You should also be trying to get a diagonal pass to one of the wing attackmen, and let him score.

3-3 Formation

3-3 Plays

My favorite 3-3 lacrosse play is done when we are at least one man-up, or 6v5.

The top center middie starts with the ball. He passes it to the top left middie, and immediately cuts to the crease. The top right middie runs over to replace in the center, and gets the pass from the top left middie. The bottom right man replaces to the top right, and the crease man replaces to the bottom right.

There are two options for scoring in this play, he can either shoot it once he gets the pass from the top left middie, or he can pass it diagonally to the bottom right attackman.

In my experience, this man-up play has had a success rate of about 75%. See the diagram below for a more detailed explanation of how to perform it.

Every time my coach calls this when we are man-up, I get pumped because I know that we are going to score.

3-3 Play: Part 1

3-3 Play Part 1

3-3 Play Part: 2

3-3 Play Part 2
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