2-2-2 Lacrosse Plays

Arguably the greatest all-around offense, 2-2-2 lacrosse plays can easily shred any defense that isnít ready for it.

It has been criticized for being weak against the zone defense, but if you play it correctly, and have patience, it works very well.

The Formation

Two attackmen should be behind the net, about 10-15 yards away from each other.

One attackman and one middie are in the middle of the field, about 10-15 yards away from the crease.

The final two middies are at the upper right corner and the upper left corner of the box.

During 2-2-2 lacrosse plays, the players doing most of the work are the two people in the middle. While everyone else is passing the ball in a circle, the players in the middle are constantly moving and setting picks for each other.

The only real rotation in 2-2-2 is the players in the middle setting picks. The other players can set picks if they want to try confusing the defense, but it isnít required.

2-2-2 Lacrosse Formation

The Play

There are a lot of different 2-2-2 lacrosse plays that you can run out of this offense. Almost all of these plays require great crease play.

The play that I will explain is the simplest to do, and is the basis for almost every other 2-2-2 lacrosse play.

The bottom left attackman starts with the ball, and gets a pick from the bottom right attackman. He uses the pick to draw a double team. This should be repeated until the double team comes (If it doesnít, then the attackman should just take it to the net).

Once the double team comes, he will ditch the ball to the other attackman who now has a clear throwing path.

While all of this is going on, the two crease players are constantly setting picks for each other. When they see the draw and dump happen behind the net, the left crease player sets on last pick for the right crease player.

The cutting crease player should have a couple of steps on his defender (because of the pick). The attackman passes the ball to the cutting player, and he quick-sticks it into the net.

As you may have noticed, the top middies donít do anything during this play. They are important for backing-up failed passes, as well as preventing fast breaks. So if you choose to alter this play, try to keep one middie back, to prevent a fast break.

As I said before, 2-2-2 lacrosse plays can be extremely effective against any kind of defense, as long as you have PATIENCE.

If the play fails on your first try, and the cutting player is not open, then just set back up and try again! Do not force-feed it to a player with a defender all over his back.

Try the 2-2-2 formation.

You will score.

2-2-2 Play: Part 1

2-2-2 Lacrosse Play 1

2-2-2 Play Part: 2

2-2-2 Lacrosse Play 2
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